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CuongTrinh Wing Chun welcomes any new student who wants to learn the most effective and powerful Chinese Art.  Suitable for both men and women, you do not have to be super-fit, a body builder or athlete! Anyone from the young to old, to overweight or unfit.  All we ask is that you are in good health, enthusiastic, committed and passionate!  Be prepared for contact - it is a full contact art.

I teach with passion and quality.  To me, teaching students to become a skilled Martial Artist is my priority . . . . . 
. . . . . So why not come and join us for a 4 week trial to see if my Wing Chun System is what you are looking for (LEARN THE WAY OF LIFE)? You've got nothing to lose.

Information for all new students who would like to join CuongTrinh Wing Chun:-

1. Just turn up one Tuesday evening you would like to start your 4 week trial, no prior contact necessary. (Please check Class Schedule for details).

2. You will be given a joining form to fill in and you will need to pay the appropriate payment.

3. If you are between 10 to 17 years old, you will need a Parent/Guardian to attend to sign the form.  (Please Note: If you are coming without your Parent/Guardian we cannot let you join).

4. After joining our club, one thing we need from you is commitment, heart, desire and a real hunger to become a skilled Martial Artist.  We can give our time to advise you, teach you and show you the way.  But we cannot give you the heart to be an expert Martial Artist, that only comes from within.

5. Please make sure you do not have any medical conditions that could be affected by training.  If you are in doubt about your medical fitness, please consult your doctor first.

All students are expected to attend every week on Tuesday, unless there are exceptional circumstances that prevent them from doing so.

All the information you require at this stage can be found on this website.  For further information you are welcome to attend any Tuesday Evening at 7:30pm.  If you have further queries in the meantime,please do not hesitate to contact Sifu Cuong via Contact Us.


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