A Dedicated Student

Hello Abdou and welcome to CuongTrinh Wing Chun and thank you for taking time to talk to us.

CTWC Interviewer: Please tell me where are you from?


Abdou: I am from city Leiden, South of Holland.

CTWC I: What are you doing here in London?

AB: I am here as a trainee for International Business/Export.
CTWC I: Why did you choose CuongTrinh Wing Chun?

AB: I work with Sifu Cuong and one day he showed me and Chiel another trainee, and he impressed me with his skills, speed, timing, reflex and power.  So from then I knew I had found a skilled Wing Chun master, so I arranged with Sifu Cuong to come and train in his school.

CTWC I: What style of Martial Art did you practice in before you chose Wing Chun?

AB: I have trained in Muay Thai and Kick Boxing before.

CTWC I: You have been training with us for the past 6-8 weeks, what do you think about the way we train?

AB: I learned a lot from Sifu Cuong and his senior students and have great fun with them.  Sifu Cuong has given me a passion and commitment to train Wing Chun every week.

I have learned how to fight without using too much energy and to be strong, we train body conditioning, stamina, wooden dummy, sparring, calm your mind, how to redirect my opponent's energy and use it against them and bring my opponent's down as soon as possible and so on.  Now I have "NO FEAR" to defend myself on the street.

CTWC I: I noted that Saturday 14th November 2009, the weather was extreme rain and windy and you still arrived for training all the way from Queen's Park, West London, why was that?

AB: I have a lot of passion to train in Martial Art.  Martial Art is my life and I don't care if snow, rain or freezing cold, if I can be there I will.  CuongTrinh Wing Chun School has a passion to teach students Wing Chun Kung-Fu.  I found Sifu Cuong, his first priority is to teach students to become a skilled Martial Artist (like Bruce Lee) laugh out loud.

My advice to everyone and it is important to you is that, if you are looking for Wing Chun school/club make sure you find a good Wing Chun school and a good Sifu to teach you how to defend yourself properly and how to adapt it in everyday life.  

Wing Chun Kung-Fu is a traditional Chinese Art.  So if you learn from a Wing Chun school and their first priority is business and teach students is second, this school is just there for your money and you'll never become a good fighter.

I saw Sifu Cuong train us with all his heart, love and passion of Wing Chun and passing it on to us.  This gives me a lot of confidence in life, I trust and respect him very much.

CTWC I: Thank you Abdou for praising my Sifu, I hope all the CTWC students can have the passion you have with Wing Chun and turn up every Saturday to train them "TO BE THE BEST".

AB: Thank you to Sifu Cuong, yourself and everyone in CTWC, I have learnt alot and I have had a great time and I feel confident in myself.  I am sure one day I will come back to train with Sifu Cuong and you guys.


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