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Nowadays our society is getting more and more violent, ignorant and aggressive towards each other.  So, I would recommend you learn Wing Chun for self-defence and keep fit at the same time.  In my experience learning the art of Wing Chun is not all about fighting, the real art of Wing Chun is to learn "The Way of Life".

Now let me introduce you to "Wing Chun Kung-Fu".  Wing Chun Style is the most effective art to learn in the world.  It is unique.  The style combines the Yin & Yang together to create an explosive energy to bring your opponent down from a short range as quickly as you can. Wing Chun is also known as "The Close-Range Fighting System", created for self-defence on the street to help a smaller and weaker person fight against a stronger, bigger person.  Which means; to avoid fighting force vs force, redirect force, or use your opponent's force against themselves.  This style uses no flowery or fancy moves, but only uses the most economical of movements.  Often, Wing Chun style takes the straightest path to the target, breaking the opponent's structure as quickly as possible.  Mastering the art of Wing Chun can help you overcome dangers, fear and confrontation, using the Chi (Inner Energy) to help you control the situation calmly and wisely.

During my 22 years of training and teaching Wing Chun Kung-Fu, I found Wing Chun, in my opinion, covers everything that I need; Self-Defence (I can cope with any problems on the street), Chi-Kung (Inner Energy to improve my health, mental and physical strength), Meditation (to de-stress from the daily routine, or help with poor circulation or posture), improve my levels of calmness, sharpness and awareness, Body Conditioning & Fitness (strengthen the body, to improve fitness and stamina, gain self-confidence and so on).  The most important of all is . . . . . self-discipline & self-motivation.

I teach traditional Ip Man Wing Chun, no "Add-On" with another style, because I do not want to dis-respect the founder of Wing Chun which was Ng Mui and is also known as "Wu Mei" who created this famous and wonderful art of Wing Chun. Let Wing Chun Kung-Fu speak for itself, as this art has been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years and already created many famous Grandmasters and Masters.  I love this art, to me this art is my life and I will keep it Wing Chun as Wing Chun (Forever Spring).

To master your "WILL" and "FEAR", CuongTrinh Wing Chun is the answer.  If you want to learn self-defence, keep fit, calm your mind, know how to unleash your hidden Inner Energy, and how to express yourself, then join my classes and I will show you the way.

CuongTrinh Wing Chun is suitable for everyone, just as long as you have the patience and determination to learn.  You need commitment to understand the language and principle of the art of Wing Chun and how to express it.  We will teach you:-

CuongTrinh Wing Chun.


Meditation - Enhance your Body, Mind and Spirit.

Body Conditioning & Fitness.

The One Inch Punch (when you reach advanced level) famously used by Master Bruce Lee.

Chi-Sau(Sticky Hands) - Trapping Skills (when you reach advanced level):-

Where two students learn how to feel each other's energy gaining increased sensitivity which helps students attack and counter an opponent's movements precisely, quickly, and apply the appropriate technique to increase your Speed, Timing, Reflex and Power.  If the opponent attempts to withdraw or redirect the hand, the student follows, often using the motion to facilitate trapping and striking at the same time, continuously to the opponent's weakest points.

Remember, if you have a strong mind, then you have a strong body.  If you're looking for all of the above and more . . . . then why not give it a try. 

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