Wing Chun History

The History of Wing Chun Originates from Two Animals

The Snake vs The Crane


The founder of Wing Chun Kung-Fu was a Buddhist nun named Ng Mui, also known as Wu Mei, one of the top five Shaolin Masters.  As a woman she knew she was weaker than the four male Shaolin Masters, so she decided to create some form of Art that would avoid fighting Force vs Force.

One day she was passing the forest and saw two animals fighting against each other fiercely (the Snake & the Crane).  As you can imagine, Ng Mui witnessed an amazing fight between the two; for example, Crane using Bong Sau (wing block) and Pak Sau (slapping block) to block the most dangerous Darting Fingers techniques from the Snake.  When the fight ended, Ng Mui memorised it and gathered the most vicious techniques from the two animals, and she started to practice.  After long years of putting the techniques together, she decided to have five forms, First Form: Sil Lim Tau (The Little Idea) Second Form: Chum Kiu (The Seeking Bridge) Third Form: Biu Jee (The Darting Fingers) Fourth Form: Muk Yan Jong (108 moves of Wooden Dummy Form) Fifth Form: Baat Cham Dao (Butterfly Knives Form) Sixth Form: Luk Dim Boon Kwan (Six & Half Pole Form).  Later Ng Mui traveled around China to find a sincere student to pass this on to.

Yim Wing Chun and her father Yim Yee lived in Kwang Tung province (China) selling bean curd for a living.  One day Ng Mui passed the Kwang Tung province and stopped to buy some bean curd for a meal, which Yim Wing Chun served Ng Mui in a very good manner.

All of a sudden the local bully and his friend surrounded the Yim Wing Chun store trying to make trouble.  Ng Mui could not stand the bullying so she took Wing Chun as her first student of the Art of "Close-Range Fighting System" or "Avoid Fighting Force vs Force System".  These are the temporary names for the Art because Ng Mui could not decide on the name for this most powerful Art.  Ng Mui took Yim Wing Chun into the mountain and began to teach her the "Close-Range Fighting System".  Yim Wing Chun trained day and night, until she mastered the whole system.  Ng Mui told Yim Wing Chun some good news, she had decided to name the system Wing Chun after Yim Wing Chun's name, meaning Forever Spring.  Nowadays it is known as Wing Chun Kung-Fu System.


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